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Greg Frederick vs. Courtney Love

It's weird what you find on the internet when you have such a public story.

The BBC orginaly created this video, which sums up my experience with Courtney Love.

For more info check out the Exclusive I gave to The NY Daily News.

UPDATE 9/17: I have yet to be paid a penny for my work and she's still selling my art.

Artist claims Courtney Loves owes him thousands after share of concert items went down the hole

New York Daily News, May 14, 2015

An artist claims Courtney Love owes him thousands of dollars for designing her tour merchandise.

Greg Frederick, a former “superfan” of the Hole singer, tells Confidenti@l he was promised a percentage of the sale for his T-shirts and accessories sold at her concerts.

Vinyl Galore Swept Verboten

Cristina Votta , May 11, 2015

Verboten hosted Vinyl Pop artist Greg Frederick to exhibit some of his work.  The pieces on display mark his biggest to date and exhibited an array of various historical figures like Michael Jackson, Biggie, Marilyn Monroe, and many others...

Breaking Records, One by One

Courtney Elder, Oct. 29, 2014

Distorted music blasted loudly from The Bishop in the Bedford Brooklyn Art Gallery in the belly of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Cameras flashed back-and-forth as a hefty crowd gathered towards the back- and right-hand side of the gallery. The entrance mirrored that of a New York City nightclub...

Meet The Artist - Greg Frederick

Phil Lenihan, July 24, 2014

Greg Frederick is returning to Roxbury for a two day residency at The Orphic Gallery on Saturday and Sunday, July 26 – 27th.  Greg will hold court at the gallery from 12 to 5 pm each day and demonstrate his exceptional artistic technique by fashioning a piece of vinyl pop art during the course of his stay....

Postkolik Magazine

özge gülsoy, April 2014

My 1st Turkish interview...

Laughing Squid

E.D.W. Lynch, March 6, 2014

Artist Greg Frederick creates portraits of celebrities and pop stars out of shards of vinyl records and pieces of album packaging. The portraits can be purchased by contacting Frederick through his website. He also does custom portrait commissions...

Alizé La Vie Magazine

Alizé Utteryn, Feb 2014

My 1st French interview...

The Howard Stern Show

Jon Leiberman, Dec. 5, 2013

Howard 100 News got word of my "Piecs of Vinyl" art sow and interviewed me about my Howard Stern Show portraits... start at the 1:30 mark.

Broken Records Magazine

Laura Desantis-Olsson, Dec 2013

Broken Records Magazine just had an amazing interview with New York, vynal pop artist, Greg Frederick, who ironically enough creates his art out of Broken Records!! Courtney Love, HOLE, Howard Stern, and Christine Nagy are among the artists and celebrities Greg as worked closely with. Broken Records is looking forward covering his Manhattan solo gallery show on December 5, 2013 at Midoma, NYC...

Interview Magazine: Lipps Service

Scott Lipps, July 2013

Scott Lipps, Coutney Love's drummer and CEO of modeling agency, One Magement posted this pic of model Ashlie sporting our tour offical tour shirt in Canada to his weekly colume in Interview Magazine, Lipps Service.

Greg Frederick Set to Unveil "For the Love of Courtney"

​Olivia Zech, July 2013

Revered vinyl pop artist Greg Frederick is returning to Las Vegas to present a new edgy show held at the Get Up Gallery from August 21st – 24th. “Downtown Vegas and Emergency Arts are my favorite places,” he says, “the people are so happy, friendly and love art.”


Known for his broken vinyl record portraits, his collection now radiates a....

Las Vegas Sun

July 2013

Brooklyn based artist, Greg Frederick announces today he will return to GET UP GALLERY in Las Vegas, NV one year after his debut solo gallery show, with a “Hole” new group of art based on his journey to working with the Queen of Rock, Courtney Love. The show is entitled, “FOR THE LOVE OF COURTNEY” Greg states, “I find it....

Chronogram: Parting Shot

​Jennifer Gutman, June 2013

About three years ago, Greg Frederick started breaking old records that were lying around his Brooklyn apartment. "I don't use vinyl that are playable," says Frederick. "I don't want to break anything that doesn't need to be broken."

But Frederick only breaks records in order to put them back together—granted in a very different form. His collection of portraits, mostly of iconic musicians, feature fragments of vinyl from LPs and 45s...

Watershed Post: Record Breaker Opening at Orphic Gallery a Smashing Success

May 2013

Greg Frederick’s Record Breaker show at the Orphic Gallery opened to rave reviews last Saturday in Roxbury.  Despite the stormy weather, a large, highly appreciative crowd attended the artist’s reception and marveled at...

Watershed Post: Greg Frederick Leads Celebrity Invasion to Orphic Gallery in Roxbury

May 2013

The Record Breaker exhibit has been installed in the Orphic Gallery and it is spectacular in scope and quality.  The over 50 pieces of iconic images from the rock and pop pantheon occupy two entire rooms of the gallery.  Among the stars featured in the show are...

The Wild Magazine: Greg Frederick Is A Record Breaker

Alicia Caticha, May 2013

It's never too late to channel the great Andy Warhol. That's exactly what Brooklyn based artist, Greg Frederick, pays homage to in his series of vivid multi-dimensional celebrity portraits. Made from recycled LPs, his portraits infuse each musician’s personal style with his own new take on pop art and iconic images. And don't worry, he makes sure to only break records that are no longer salvageable!

Woodstock Times: Disk World

​May 2013

Here's a common memory from the olden days of vinyl, which gets a hipster return at the up-and-coming Orphic Gallery out in the Catskills community of Roxbury this Saturday, May 25. It was right around the time that RCA started putting out super-thin, highly flexible LPs (as in log-playing albums). This one kid say to another "They say you can touch the edges of the circle together." Suffice it to say that you couldn't, and what were left were vinyl shards - sort of like all those record collections destroyed in the bad passion of dorm-room breakups. Roxbury artist's portrait exhibit is
a record-breaker

Joe Mahoney, May 2013

ROXBURY — Greg Frederick is an artist who has likely broken more records than anyone reading this story today. By records, we mean that relic of the musical recording industry — vinyl long-playing albums (the ones with the small hole in the center) and 45 revs per minute single records (the ones with the considerably larger hole in the center)...

Culture Pop: For the Records: Vinyl Pop Art

Jan 2013

Brooklyn-based pop artist Greg Frederick is taking vinyl junkie to the next level with his stunning, vivid portraits made from broken pieces of old singles and LPs - from Michael Jackson's feet (immortalizing the moonwalk) to Notorious B.I.G. in sharded silhouette. We caught up with Frederick to discuss his inpiration and articis style...

Divas & Dorks

​Susan Smith Dec 2012

Greg Frederick is known for using vinyl records to create eclectic pop art pieces. Though this piece was not made up of vinyl, Frederick took the opportunity to immortalize an acclaimed singer in his work called “Amy Winehouse”. The piece is..

Vibe Magazine

Carmen Shardae Jobson, Aug 2012

Uptown New York continues to glisten with the history of the African and Black American experience. Befittingly, the haven of one of the greatest movements of Black artistic expression--the Harlem Renaissance--is also home to a new generation of provocateurs, with the current exhibition of eMerge: Danny Simmons & Artists on the Cusp, held at the Strivers Gardens Gallery on the East side.

DZI: Greg Frederick Breaks Records For The Sake of Art

Yohance Kyles, March 2012

When Apple released the first iPod in 2001, the reign of the digital download began. The same way the MP3 is causing the slow death of the compact disc,  a decade earlier the CD virtually killed the vinyl record. But like Lazarus, vinyl is experiencing a resurrection. The rebirth of the record is not only taking place in mom-&-pop music stores, but also on the walls of New York galleries thanks to the innovative vision of contemporary artist Greg Frederick.

Artists use everyday materials to create masterpieces

Brennan N. Johnson, July 2012

Thumbtacks, buttons and other everyday materials inspired emerging Harlem artists to create their pieces....

Emerging Art Exhibit Event

Stephen Knight,  July 2012

Emerging Art Exhibit Event. Photos by Stephen Knight.

Emerge Art Show at Strivers Garden Gallery Opens

Yvette Caslin, July 2012

The important art exhibition, eMerge: Danny Simmons & Artists on the Cusp, opened in Harlem on Thursday, July 12 at 6 pm. The exhibition, opening at Strivers Gardens Gallery, is anchored by the works of visual artist Danny Simmons, co-founder of Rush Arts Gallery + Resource Center, a core program of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Danny, brother of Russell Simmons, is also the co-creator and executive producer of the HBO series Def Poetry Jam and a published author...

Harlem Plays Host To Danny Simmons and a Bevy Of Upcoming Artists

Ezinne Ukoha, July 2012

Greg Frederick has had a lengthy and distinguished background in photography. His trademark is being able to flawlessly translate photos to canvas, and that ability to capture eponymous moments led him to experiment with vinyl records and the results are undeniably innovative and captivating. His stunning portrait of Andy Warhol is just a piece of the pie; he also produced a template of Michael Jackson’s world famous accessory  – “the glove”. This is definitely an artist who understands the meaning of visual empowerment and historical embodiment...

Vegas Seven Magaine

Jarret Keene, July 2012

Look for Steve Whelan’s fully functional Swiss Army knife, as well as a tribute to Adam “MCA” Yauch, comprising broken records by New York City’s Greg Frederick. ...

Artist Greg Frederick Channels Andy Warhol and Notorious BIG With Vinyl Records

Yvette Caslin, July 2012

What can we expect at eMerge: Danny Simmons and Artists on the Cusp art show?
The space [Strivers Garden Gallery] is amazing. I am showing two pieces that I am excited about: Andy Warhol and Notorious BIG. Both are made out of broken vinyl records.

Ebony Magazine: Artist's Diary

July 2012

The date of the "eMerge" opening (July 12th) is symbolic to me as it falls on the last day of my 20's. As I've heard from many friends who have reached 30, they had a change in their lives where their careers gave them a better life with all the great responsibilities they loved. I hope being an "emerging" artist sets me on that path.I am very excited and anxious to show off one of my favorite pieces. As a hip-hop loving fan who's always bumped, Biggie since driving to high school in Arizona, I knew I had to make a Vinyl Pop Art portrait of the Notorious B.I.G. By far this has been my...

Hit So Hard

April 2012

My art has now taken me to Hudson, NY where I presented portraits at Rock ‘N’ Remembrance: Tales of Survival and Rebirth at Basilica Hudson.


After befriending the directing, editing, producing team P David Ebersole and Todd Hughes, of the rockumentary Hit So Hard,  I was offered the chance to be apart of this amazing night.


Not only was I excited to present my art, but I was presenting them to some of my favorite artists, drummer Patty Schemel, guitarist Eric Erlandson and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur of the band Hole....

ToastPop: Art Recycling Itself
March 2012

One man’s antique entertainment is another’s artistic medium, right? Well, Greg Frederick certainly thinks so. In fact, he found such inspiration in vinyl records that he uses them to create beautiful works of art. The records, their sleeves, and their packaging are broken, ripped, or cut into various shapes and sizes. Once he has all of his pieces at the ready, Mr. Frederick puts them together like a giant puzzle into whatever unique image his brain melds them into.


His works have gained quite a fan following. They have climbed the artistic ladder high enough to have appeared next Andy Warhol’s silkscreens in the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian art. Amazingly, his works are ...

GO Magazine: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Feb 2012

Record Breakers Greg Frederick's original Vinyl Pop Art portraits are created with broken vinyl records and their packaging. Send your favorite photo and he'll turn it into a timeless piece of pop art.

Jan 2012


I’m a featured artist on! And they are flying off the shelves!

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